Your photos are your memories, frozen in time. As Karl Lagerfeld put it, photos “capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce”, so how can we capture a moment and make it last forever? Have a Digital Photo Album!

Just looking at a single photo can bring back a flood of emotions. You can keep these memories alive for generations to come, but only if your photos stand the test of time.

If you haven’t already digitised your old photos, here are five big reasons why you should.

Reason to switch to Digital Photo Album #1 Photodegradation

A printed photo starts to lose its original quality within a few short years after it was taken. A combination of sunlight and air causes photodegradation.


Photodegradation is a process in which a material is degraded by light. This degradation can be caused by chemical reactions, photochemical reactions, photomechanical damage, or photo-oxidation where light-emitting substances react with the material.

For example, oxygen reacts with a polymer to form a peroxide and generates hydrogen gas from water. In another example, when UV rays hit polycarbonate plastics, it breaks down the molecular bonds and generate chlorine gas from hydrogen chloride.

On a side note, photochemical reactions are chemical reactions that occur when photons of light act as an energy source. These reactions involve the breaking or forming of chemical bonds and can be used to break down certain materials into simpler ones. One example is photodegradation, in which ultraviolet radiation breaks down organic molecules found in plastic bags or containers. When this process occurs, new chemicals are created that emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air.

The edges of the photo begin to fade and the colours become less vibrant. Don’t wait for this to happen. Digitising a photo will instantly stop its aging process.

Reason to switch to Digital Photo Album #2 Easy Storage

Photo StoragesWhat is the best way to back up photos in the digital world? In an era where space for digital storage is affordable and abundant, there are a variety of ways to store your pictures. The benefits of having a physical backup in addition to an online digital backup should not be overlooked without considering how many years it will take before cloud files become obsolete.

Did you know that a single flash drive can store the same amount of photos or albums as approximately five large cupboards? Decluttering guru, Marie Kondo, would approve. You can box up all your heavy photo albums, send them to Photos2Archive, and have them all stored on a USB stick the size of your thumb. We also provide you with a Dropbox link so you may add them to your favourite cloud storage service.

Of course, if you still want to keep those original photo albums, we send them back to you with your USB – we won’t tell Marie!

Reason to switch to Digital Photo Album #3 Seamless Accessibility 

Accessing PhotosIn this digital age, photos can be safely stored on a thumb drive or in the cloud, ready for you whenever you need them. You can access them wherever you go — to your friends’ birthday party or to the other side of the world — with a single tap on your keyboard.

But the ease of accessibility comes with a great risk of security because of our digitally inclined society our possessions can be hacked so be extra mindful of all of your precious belongings. Nevertheless, the ease to access our photos nowadays is so seamless that we can rename it, put a location and date so we can easily find it whenever we need it.


You can also easily find them whenever you want to share with family and friends via social media. This brings us to…

Reason to switch to Digital Photo Album #4 Ease of Sharing

Sharing PhotosIn today’s society, it’s assumed that everyone wants to take and share their pictures with the world. This is a great way to reminisce or document a special event for eternity. There are a variety of ways to easily share photos, including social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Flickr. These sites make sharing all of your vacation photos with family and friends incredibly easy.

Want to share old-school photos with your friends? Easy. Send them a link to the Dropbox folder where the photos are saved. Need to create a slideshow for your mum’s 70th birthday? Just stick the thumb drive into your laptop and quickly locate her childhood photos. Love surprising your friends on Instagram? Why not share your questionable fashion choices back in the ’80s?

Reason to switch to Digital Photo Album #5 Quick Photo Organisation

Arranging PhotosWhen it comes to organising photos that were taken over a period of years, context is everything. If you took 2,500 photos in the last decade, it would take several days to manually sort through them and arrange them in chronological order. You would also need at least 50 physical photo albums to store them all. Modern technology has simplified this task for you — just arrange to digitise all your photos with us, and then easily drag and drop them into your labeled online folders.





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