Now that you’ve digitise photos that were stashed away in boxes in the garage for years, you may be wondering what you can now do with your trove of digitised files. Here are a few ideas that can liven up your upcoming events and at the same time utilise your newly digitised photos.

  • Birthday Parties – Create a slideshow using the birthday celebrant’s pictures, showing memorable moments throughout the years. You can even print the best photos onto tokens that you can give away to guests as a memento of the milestone.
  • Kitchen Tea/Bridal Shower – A compilation of old photos printed into a commemorative photo book would make a great gift for a bride-to-be’s kitchen tea. This is a modern take on the traditional practice of gifting a compilation of favourite recipes!
  • Weddings and Wedding Anniversaries – Nowadays a slideshow of photos of the bride and groom from when they were younger is de rigueur at weddings. You can go one further by creating table centerpieces with digitise photos showcasing memories from earlier in their relationship.
  • Baby Shower – A slideshow of the expectant parents’ baby and childhood photos can be a great feature of a baby shower! This flips the script since the childhood photos can remind the new parents of the journey they’re about to take with their newborn.
  • Corporate Events – Old photos can also have a place in corporate events, perhaps showing scenes of the company at an earlier stage in its lifecycle. Significant corporate milestones may be captured in older photos and showing these at a corporate event can show attendees how far the company has grown through the years.
  • Team Engagement Activities and Retirement Parties – Photos from previous events can really liven up team engagement activities at the office. These can be set on rotate on a digital display. These are especially great for a retirement send-off party where memories from the retiree’s career can be shown as recognition for their contributions to the company.

Old photos can be used in many ways once they’ve been digitised. The flexibility of your digitised photos is only limited by your imagination and creativity! Contact us at Photos2Archive today to learn more about our easy photo digitisation service.