Parents know the joy of their little ones expressing themselves through art. Whether these are kindergarten projects or masterpieces created at home, the artwork captures a magical time in a child’s development. These are mementos from the stage in their life when they’re discovering the world, literally through a child’s eye! Instead of sending these to the recyclers, or worse, the rubbish bin, you can breathe new life to your child’s hard work by digitising them! Whether you are a new parent or already have children at school age, digitising their art will certainly bring them joy.

Digitising your child’s artwork not only helps you preserve the memory, it will also allow you to appreciate these for years to come. Imagine creating a digital art portfolio showing your child’s development through the years. These can be kept in your hard drive, saved on the cloud, or even shared through social media. Doing so will allow you to place a time-stamp on the digitised artwork and even allow for others to comment.

Of course, while physical artwork takes up space, digitised artwork doesn’t! You can reclaim storage space that otherwise would be taken up by the physical artwork. This also allows you to preserve the artwork, as digital media (when properly stored and backed up) doesn’t degrade over time. On the other hand, physical artwork will deteriorate over the years, especially if not stored correctly.

The projects that you can do with the digitised artwork are endless. For example, you can create a virtual album and alongside place the picture of the child from the time they created the artwork. If your children already have children of their own, you can juxtapose your child’s art alongside your grandkids’ work from the same age. These are just a few ideas of what you can do with digitised artwork!

Our friendly team can help you preserve your child’s artwork by making the digitising process easy. Contact us at Photos2Archive today to learn more about our digitisation service.