The quick answer is – Yes 


You could absolutely digitise your old films and negatives and bring those images back to life. Potentially, you have a lot of them hidden away in boxes and cupboards and were contemplating digitising them. But hold on…


Don’t digitise them yourself!


These old films hold precious family moments from a long-forgotten time. If you’re not careful, these treasured memories could be gone forever. So for the sake of your loved ones, let a professional do the digitising for you. Don’t even attempt to do it yourself, here’s why —


Old media formats are irreplaceable


Negatives, 8mm film reels and slides are like prints. The images are printed on celluloid material which could be easily ruined and never to be recovered. So think about the memories stored in these films – they’re one-of-a-kind. You can’t replace these negative prints so please let a professional handle the complicated process of digitising them for you.


Film reels and negatives are fragile


These old, analog formats are very delicate and susceptible to just about everything, from dust and light to changing temperatures.  It takes an experienced professional to treat them with special care. Photos2Archive has a team of technicians and tech tools to carefully monitor and handle the complex process of transforming your negative prints to the digital format.


Let a professional take care of it


You will never regret saving your memories from old negatives and films for future generations to love and admire. Digitising old family photos is the gift that keeps on giving for any occasion, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary or ensuring everyone in the family has a copy! The one thing you might regret is how you had your memories digitised. 


Place your order for a Negative And Slide Film 35mm Digitisation and let the professionals at Photos2Archive preserve them today for life.