Your old photos are very susceptible to damage and deterioration


The changing temperature, exposure to light, moisture, dust and other elements can degrade or completely destroy your photographs for good. Which is why it’s so important to have them digitised – it’s the only way to save them from irreversible damage and preserve them for life.


One of the worst types of damage to old photos is caused by water or moisture


Water damage can range from ‘mild’ to ‘severe’. Photos with mild moisture damage will have visible mold or mildew caused by the excess humidity in the air. Photographs that have been submerged in water due to flooding in the garage for example, will show severe damage such as discoloration, plus have the tendency to warp and develop bubbles on the surface.


Water damage can leave your photographs looking old, worn, and dirty


It will also advance their deterioration, making them even more prone to scratches, tears and creases. But don’t despair just yet! For as long as the damage is not extensive, Photos2Archive have developed ways to rescue your photographs through state-of-the-art scanning and digitisation.


Breathe new life into your precious memories

Trust the team at Photos2Archive to bring your precious memories back to life with our Photo Restoration Services

Simply place your order and we’ll make sure to restore your old, damaged photos to look as best they can. Please ensure when sending your photos directly to us, you securely pack any fragile items with bubble wrap and or other protective materials so they are not damaged during delivery.

Once your photos have been restored, your original materials will be returned to you with a USB containing your newly digitised memories via Australia Post.


Save your old photographs from damage before it’s too late! 

Have them restored and digitised today so that you can enjoy the memories with your family and friends for generations to come.