Convert your analog memories to digital efficiently and safely. Learn how we professionally future-proof your old photos and video tapes.

Old family photos and home videos are precious connections to your family history. It is important that you preserve these images to share with future generations. So for the sake of your loved ones, future-proof your family legacy by having your memories professionally digitised.

Digitising your analog memories

Think about where and how your precious memories are saved. Are they still contained in analog formats such as printed photos or VHS tapes? If they are, these priceless family images and recordings could be at risk of being damaged and lost forever.

When it comes to digitising your analog memories, you want to ensure each piece is handled with special attention and care.  Each one requires a different tool and process for digitisation. The only thing they have in common is that they are all fragile and irreplaceable.

convert analog photos to digital

Digitising photos

If you were to digitise your own old photos, you will have to do them by hand – one by one. This process is tedious and the result could be disastrous. There might be dust or fuzz, causing you to readjust each time you run it through the scanner.

In converting your old photos, our team of technicians at Photos2Archive use state of the art equipment that optimise old printed images for colour and sharpness. Also, there is no need to individually remove the photos from albums and picture frames and risk damage. Our advanced scanning technology can digitise every photo whilst they remain intact in your albums or frames.

Once digitised you will receive an individual digitised image of every photo contained in the album and photo frame. Just place your albums and framed photos in your ordered box and leave the rest to our professional team.

Digitising audio and video tapes

Let’s say, you have ten VHS tapes of decades-old recordings of family celebrations. And each tape holds up to 4 hours of footage. That’s a total of 400 hours or 16 days of recorded video that needs to be converted. Do you really have that kind of time?

Not to mention, running your tapes on old equipment, will definitely ruin hours of recording, unravelling years of your precious family memories. We don’t want that to happen to you or to anyone.

Your best option is having the professional team at Photos2Archive transform your analog video and audio to digital. Our team uses the latest digitising equipment and technology to process your old recordings safely and efficiently.

Downloading and sharing your digitised memories

Within days, all your scanned photos and converted recordings will be available to you via digital download. Photos2Archive will organise and secure all your digitised files in a Dropbox account made just for you. You can immediately download your content and share with your friends and family.

We take the hassle out of digitisation

Select from our Regular or Go Large box family memory boxes, fill with all these items that are included in your box price – loose photos, photo albums, framed photos, VHS Tapes, audio cassette tapes, VHS-C Tapes, Hi-8 tapes, Digital 8, CDs and DVDs – we can digitise the lot!