A collage is an easy and creative way to put together your digitise photos into one image.

You can use a collage to show several photos from a single holiday or create a themed collection of your child’s birthdays through the years.

While it was easy to create collages using paper photographs (all you needed were scissors and glue!), it’s even easier to create a collage using your digitised pictures!

The first step is to select a free online collage website (or an app if you’re using your smartphone). If you’re using Google Photos or Apple Photos, the collage option is already built-in.

The next step is to select your photos. Choosing four to six photos is advisable as any more might make the individual photos hard to see. Ideally, you can choose the photos that correspond to the overall theme of the collage. This allows you to make the best use of a collage’s ability to tell a story.

After you’ve selected your photos, it’s time to arrange them. The collage software will offer a number of layout options that you can then use to tell the story of the collage. In the example of creating a collage of a recent holiday, you can choose and arrange the photos showing highlights or memorable moments.

Once the layout is complete, you can spice up the collage by customising the border elements. Play around with the size, the color or even add patterns and texture to match the theme of your collage. If you feel like you need to, you can even add some text to the collage.

Creating a collage is just one of the many ways you can creatively use your digitised photos. If you’re ready to convert your paper photos to digitised files, then Photos2Archive can help.

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