When you digitise your photos, you’re giving them a new lease of life. They won’t wither away and be forgotten at the back of your cupboard. They can be hung on your walls, printed on T-shirts, turned into slideshows and shared across computers and continents. The possibilities are endless. We’ve put together a few ideas to inspire you.

1. Edit and enhance

Unlike prints, digital photos can be easily enhanced using photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom. You can sharpen your images, boost the colours, adjust the white balance and dial up the contrast. Get creative with filters — turn your vacation shots into watercolour paintings, or add bold streaks of colour to your daughter’s photo for that Warhol-inspired feel. 

 2. Organise into digital galleries

If you’re an avid shutterbug, you’ve probably taken thousands of photos in your lifetime. The best way to keep them organised is to correctly  labelled digital galleries, grouped in chronological order. Websites like Snapfish let you create digital albums that can be shared with other people. You can modify the privacy settings of each album so you can choose whom to give access to. 

3. Upload and share 

Back in the day, having photos printed cost time and money (it still does). If you wanted to share photos of your kids to your extended family members who are  scattered across the globe, you would have had to print multiple copies and send them in the post. Thanks to modern technology, and some help from a trusted photo digitising service, we can now share hundreds of photos with just a few taps — by emailing a Dropbox link or sharing an online gallery on social media. 

4. Print them out

Just because you’ve digitised all your photos doesn’t mean you can’t have actual photo albums lying around in your house. Simply upload your favourite shots to your service of choice, choose a theme and add captions, and within a few days, your printed album will arrive on your doorstep. A printed album makes a beautiful keepsake and instantly brightens up a coffee table.

5. Get artsy

So you’ve created a photo album. Why stop there? For all your life’s moments that you’d love to relive more often, turn them into fun and unique art that adds a pop of personality to any room. Once your photos are digitised you can recreate those images on anything – the sky’s the limit!

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