Ordering a Family Memory Box service from Photos2Archive is a unique and thoughtful gift idea to surprise your loved ones with.

Simply select from our Family Memory Box “Regular” or “Go-Large” sizes. Complete your order with the recipient’s email and shipping details to ensure they receive the box. You can write “Special Delivery Instructions” in the checkout form and we’ll make a note of it.

What items can be placed in the box for digitisation

The receiver of your Family Memory Box Gift will get notified by email with instructions to fill the ordered box with their old loose photos, photo albums, framed photos, VHS Tapes, Audio Cassette Tapes, VHS-C Tapes, Hi-8 Tapes, Digital 8 Tapes, CD’s, DVD’s, newspaper clippings, kids artwork, journals, diaries, yearbooks, and posters.

We’ll digitise the lot!

What Your Friends and Loved Ones Can Expect 

Once the Family Memory Box has been delivered to your loved one and is then filled and ready to go, our courier service will collect it from your loved ones’ address and return it to our offices.  Our experienced team of professionals will then commence digitising all the contents; photos, photo albums, and other materials. Once complete, the digitised items will be saved to a USB drive and Dropbox link, then all the items including the original materials will be delivered via our secure courier service back to the recipient.

Let the Fun Begin

It’s always fun to reminisce with old photos and share with family and friends. All images are newly digitised in the standard JPEG format so that they’re easily shared via your mobile device, home computer and or your favourite social media platform.

And that’s all there is to it! 

Our Photo Digitisation Box services are the perfect gift for people who love to share their memories with friends and family. Ordering is so easy and the appreciation that you will get from your loved ones will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Order a box for someone special today.