What an interesting 12 months, stay-at-home restrictions and physical distancing have made the past year tough for most families. If you live far away from Dad and sadly won’t be able to share Father’s Day together, celebrate by closing the distance and taking a trip down memory lane. Here are the best digital gift ideas for Dad on his special day to show how much you care for him.

1. Digital Home Movie Compilation

Digitally preserving your old home movies to celebrate Dad, is not only thoughtful, but especially moving and significant in these times. So if you’ve got a box full of old family home movies, VHS tapes, photos, film reels or the like, it’s time to take them out of the cupboard and have them digitised. You can then edit clips using a free video editing tool such as iMovie or Windows Movie Maker to create a masterpiece featuring Dad as the hero of your family movie.

2. Digital Scrapbook

You can quickly organise a digital scrapbook of Dad this Father’s Day when you have your old family photos digitised by Photos2Archive. All you have to do is edit the digitised files into a slideshow using PowerPoint. Organise your newly digitised images into themes or memories such as “Dad’s Birthdays,” “Family Vacations” and “Holidays”. With a digital scrapbook, Dad can easily access his favorite memories on any device, making it easy for him to share them on social media.

3. Digital Cookbook

The fondest family memories are often around food. Reminisce all the fun summer barbecues and holiday feasts by compiling Dad’s favorite recipes in a special digital cookbook. Again, your basic PowerPoint skills can help you put it all together. Organise digitised photos and videos showing Dad in the backyard by the BBQ or in the kitchen getting the Christmas turkey ready, share his favourite recipes that he loves to make for the family alongside the photos. Recipes can range from that secret pasta sauce or how to cook the perfect steak and so on. If dad doesn’t cook, choose recipes that the family enjoys preparing for him.

Digitise Your Memories Today

 If you have old pictures of Dad hidden away in photo albums, VHS tapes and films, packed in cupboards and gathering dust, then you are sitting on a treasure trove of memories.  Make this year’s Father’s Day the best one ever!  Contact Photos2Archive today and have all your photos, videos and other materials digitised, so you can start sharing those memories and preserve them for generations to come.