After you decided to save your old photographs and scanned them into digitised photos, you may be wondering what you can now do with your files.

Why not unleash your creative side and start an art project using your trove of digitised memories?

There are a number of free online resources that can help you create a masterpiece and these resources make the project easy even if you’re a newbie with computers.

Here are five art projects you can do to creatively use your digitised photos.

1. Create a Scrapbook

Scrapbooking is the art of preserving and artfully presenting your personal and family history. This is done by including prints of your photos, memorabilia and other odds and ends in a book. By using your digitised photos, you can create multiple copies of your scrapbook and give these out as gifts to friends and family.

2. Custom Coasters

Turning your photos into coasters is not just a great way to remember key moments in your life, they also remind your guests to not leave rings with their drinks on your furniture! Online services offer a wide array of templates that can help you turn your photos into fun, memory-filled drink coasters.

3. Custom fridge magnets

Do you collect magnets on your trips as souvenirs to place on your refrigerator door? Why not go one better by creating magnets of your digital photos? Personalising your refrigerator magnets using your own digitised photos can add a creative twist to your hobby.

4. Photo Accordion

You can use your digital photos to liven up your home! A photo accordion is a unique way of presenting a series of printed digitised photos. You can print any number of your photos, then stitch them together end-to-end so that they create an “accordion” of memories.

5. Greeting Cards

Sending a greeting card is a time-honoured way of sharing your thoughts to those near and dear to you. Instead of sending a generic, store-bought greeting card, creating a personalised greeting card with your digitised photos will have more of an impact!

Start one of these creative art projects with your digitised photos today. Photos2Archive has an experienced team that can help you convert your paper photos to digitised files. You can learn more about our services here, and we’d be happy to help you preserve your memories.

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