What to do with those hundreds of loose photos and albums that are in storage? A Professional Photo Scanning Service Can Help!

Do you have boxes and boxes of old photos that are stored away in cupboards or the garage? Or photo albums gathering dust on the shelf or in a lounge cabinet?  Your loose photos and albums contain some of your most precious memories, but sometimes it’s simply too inconvenient to locate and retrieve them from wherever they are stored. 

Old Loose Photos

Did you know that photos stored on physical media like film or photo paper will deteriorate and or rot over time?. Even if they are stored in boxes away from direct sunlight, the photos can be exposed to the elements or the changing seasons. Sadly, if they’re stored in high humidity, mold can grow, and in low humidity, they can crack and turn brittle, or even fade and start to oxidize. 

What a shame it would be to lose all those years of memories just because they weren’t stored properly.   

These are common scenarios before digital cameras and camera phones became popular. Apart from finding room to store all your photos, they need to be stored properly in order to last a lifetime.

Keeping them in storage will also make them hard to find when you want to reminisce with your family and friends – like that significant birthday that will need old photos for the party or to ensure your children and or grandchildren have those memories forever.

Digitise your old photos

If you’re like us and like to relive old memories from time to time, then you should consider digitising your loose photos and albums. Working with a photo scanning service that will take care of all the fuss of converting your boxes of loose photos and albums for you, will give you peace of mind.

Instead of your old boxes, you can conveniently access your digitised photos on your personal computer, smartphone or even a family photo night sitting around the TV. You can tag them based on where and when they were taken, and who is in the photo. Imagine reminiscing over all your family photos from your Gold Coast holiday 30 years ago, just by searching on your phone instead of digging through boxes!

These are just some of the advantages when you digitise your photos. 

An advantage of working with a professional photo scanning service is that they’ll handle all the technical aspects of the task for you. Scanning photos isn’t as straightforward as putting them into a scanner and hitting the start button.

You will need to purchase a scanner and then learn to use it correctly, not to mention the hours of sitting there scanning each photo one by one, understanding the correct orientation, proper resolution, file sizes, file formats, and all the other technical aspects of scanning. 

If you want to ensure your family’s photographic history remains intact, you will need to select a professional service. Companies like Photos2Archive provide digitising services for both loose photos and photo album scanning. No need to take your photos out of the albums, just send them over, and they have the technology to convert photo albums to individual digital images. 

So why wait until your old photos deteriorate in their stored locations around the home?

And why waste your precious time with scanning hundreds or thousands of photos yourself?

Send them to a professional photo scanning service and let the experts digitise them now before it’s too late!

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