Back before digital cameras were common, pictures taken with film cameras would need to be printed by photo-processing studios. The studio would use a chemical process to print the images onto light-sensitive photo-paper. As with all things, however, those photographs will eventually degrade over time. Digital images, on the other hand, will retain their quality indefinitely! This is one of the main reasons why it’s a smart move to convert your old photos from paper to digital.

Apart from preserving the quality of your pictures and memories, digital images are easier to store and archive. Instead of taking up space in your home, the images can be archived on storage media such as hard-drives or USB thumb-drives. To truly safeguard your images, you can also have a multi-location backup strategy where you store your images on hard drives at home and also keep duplicate copies at another location or even on the “cloud.” This will ensure you save copies of your photos in case disaster strikes at one of the locations.

If you like having tangible, physical versions of your pictures, digital photos are even more versatile than simple printed photographs. Digital images can be printed on a wide variety of things. They can be printed on T-shirts or on coffee mugs. You can create slideshows that tell a story of your travel. There are also services that let you arrange and print your photos into books. Uploading them to social media will let you share your images across continents. If you’re more traditional, you can always print digital photos just like you would the film versions.

There are so many benefits of converting your old photos from paper to digital. Aside from ensuring they won’t wither away in storage, you can definitely do much more with them! Photos2Archive has an experienced team that can help you preserve your memories. Get in touch to learn more about our services.