What areas do you service?

We provide photo scanning services Australia-wide, metro and regional areas.

Do I need to be home when my photos are returned?

No, please advise if ok to leave at your front door if no one is at home. Or please provide another location on the property in our ‘special delivery instructions’ box during Checkout

What are the delivery costs?

We have associated courier costs for our Photo Box Digitisation services, as there are numerous drop-offs and collections as part of this service. We have a postcode calculator located in the checkout process that will determine your delivery cost.

Regarding our ‘Services to suit you’, there is a $15 flat shipping fee for the return of your materials.

What quality standard do you scan your photos in?

We scan in high definition, enabling you to zoom in and make high quality prints.

What format will the files be?

Each photo will be provided as a single image in JPEG format.

How will my digitised photos be delivered?

Your digitised photos will be delivered to you on a USB drive that is compatible for viewing on PCs, Apple Macs and mobile devices (Android and Apple). The USB drive will be returned together with your original photos. We will also be providing you with a secure Dropbox link that you may access for 30 days.

What size photo albums do you scan?

Our standard boxes for orders up to 4 albums will fit wallet style flip albums, traditional page albums, square albums. The maximum dimension of each album should not exceed 35cm wide x 35cm high x 5cm thick. If your album is bigger than this, get in touch with our team for special pricing to digitise your unique album.

How long does the whole process take?

In most cases, the process from order placement to return of photos and digital files will take approximately one week. Once you place an order, we will make contact and organise delivery of the boxes to you. After our courier collects the box from you and returns to our office, we will complete the scanning and conversion to digital files within 48 hours. Our Quality team will complete final checks on the images before we return the photos and digital files to you.

Will my photos and albums be returned to me after scanning?

Yes, we will return all photos and albums to you along with a USB drive with all digital files.

Can you enhance my images to make them look new again?

During the digitisation process, we will add filters to enhance sharpness and contrast. If you would like a more detailed restoration, please view our Photo Retouching services and either add this as an additional service to your Easy Box Digitisation order or as a standalone service from Our Services menu.

How long do you keep copies of my photos?

Our server will hold your photos for up to one month and the secure Dropbox link will allow you access for 30 days.

Do you scan mounted or framed photos?

Yes we do; please contact our friendly team for a quote.

If I have a particular order I would like my loose photos scanned in, is this possible?

Yes it is; please supply your loose photos in secure batches and and we will scan each batch in the order provided.

What happens if I send more additional services products than I have paid for?

One of our friendly team members will call to discuss.

Will my original photos, photo albums and any other materials be returned to me after scanning?

Yes, we will return all original photos, photo albums and any other materials that have been digitised – along with a USB drive with all digital files.

What sizes are the Regular and Go Large Boxes?

The Regular box size 340mm L x 250mm W x 175mm H and the Go Large box size is 435mm L x 310mm W x 260mm H.

Do you scan large wedding albums?

Yes we do; please call one of our friendly team members on 1300 359 880 for a quote.