Custom Box – Large


or 4 fortnightly payments of $25.00 with Afterpay More info


Why not customise and build your own box and digitise your precious memories today!

Please note that the initial cost does not include the digitisation of your materials. The total cost will increase as you select the materials that you want to digitise.

The initial Custom Box pricing includes; your selected Custom Box, Courier costs 3-ways (initial box delivery, collection from you when your box is ready and return of original materials) plus a USB filled with your digitised materials.

The Custom Box Service provides you with a robust and sturdy Custom Box Large size (435mm L x 310mm W x 260mm H), allowing you to fill with any of the materials listed below for digitisation. Please ensure when packing your box, all items are securely packaged with either bubble wrap or other protective materials so they are secure during the delivery process.

PHOTO ALBUMS: Please do not remove any photos from your photo albums, as Photos2Archive have developed advanced scanning technology to digitise your photos whilst they remain intact in their albums. Once digitised you will receive individual digitised images or a digitised image of the album page, depending on your photo album order. Please indicate album pages or album individual photos that you wish to have digitised based on your order.

COPYRIGHT: The DVD and CD services are to copy personal data from DVDs and CDs only, not for copying movies, music or other content that may breach Australian Copyright law.


Select the box of each item you would like to digitise and indicate the quantity (you can directly type in the number of items).
Per Negative
Per Slide
Loose Photos
Photo Albums (Per Page)
Photo Albums (Per Digitised Image)
Photo Restoration and Digitisation
Audio Cassette Tapes up to 60 minutes (Single-sided)
Audio Cassette Tapes up to 60 minutes (Double-sided)
Mini DV Tapes (90 minutes)
Mini DV Tapes (60 minutes)
VHS Tapes Digitisation up to 90 minutes
VHS Tapes Digitisation up to 180 minutes
VHS-C (45 minutes)
8mm Reel (Up to 50ft)
Hi8 Tapes / Digital 8 Tapes (60 minutes)
Hi8 Tapes / Digital 8 Tapes (90 minutes)
Additional USB/s