Family Memory Box – Go Large


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Future proof your memories today using our professional scanning and digitisation services. Simply fill the box!

On completion, we return all of your original materials plus you will receive a USB drive filled with your digitised items. A secure Dropbox link will also be emailed that you may access for up to 30 days. If you have any questions about placing your order, please contact our friendly team on 1300 359 880.

Box size: 435mm L x 310mm W x 260mm H

Please note: Negatives and Slides are an ADDITIONAL cost at $0.95 per image, Mini DV’s are also ADDITIONAL at $35.00 per tape. Just pack any of these items into your box and we will invoice you separately once we receive and count them.

Great service and very easy with boxes sent to you and collected via courier. Nothing to do but put your photos in the box and wait for them to come back.
Jim Phillips
Jim Phillips
I contacted this company with regard to digitising some old VHS tapes. They were wonderful, I dropped the tapes off myself to save on postage costs, they did them really quickly and we were thrilled with the result. I would definitely recommend them to anyone. Heather
Heather Sims
Heather Sims
Very impressed with the customer service, the communication was excellent. The quality of the photo's is great & I would highly recommend Photos2Archive. Very impressed. Sending your Team a huge Thank you.
Norm Hebron
Norm Hebron
Photos2Archive were great in scanning all my photos, videos and slides. Even when we hit a few hiccups, they owned the process and issues and were responsive, professional and ultimately I was really happy. Their customer service is excellent, which is what you want when you're trusting someone with your memories.
Angus Mansfield
Angus Mansfield
i recently had all my albums done they were great the staff from start to finished were wonderful let me know progress along the way highly recommend them
Kathy Jones
Kathy Jones
Absolutely happy with the results of my photo’s being digitised fantastic job Would recommend to anyone wanting to do this
Lyn Buckley
Lyn Buckley
Communication excellent. Informing me regularly of the progress of my VHS tapes. No hesitation in a refund when some of my tapes were not required. Pickup and delivery on time.
Teri Swanbury
Teri Swanbury
Chris and the team did an excellent job digitising my family photos, newspaper clippings and documents. Some of the items dated from the 1910s. I was very happy with the results and their customer experience.
Debra Stewart
Debra Stewart
I have had two lots f photo albums digitised for my Probus group and they have all been very well done
Brian Skingsley
Brian Skingsley
Myself and my family can not recommend Kristie and the team at Photos2Archive highly enough. After losing mum to early onset dementia, our EXTENSIVE photo collection was all that we had to link us to memories of our mum and her life before us. We had over 10,000 photos- some stuck in old albums, some in loose envelopes etc and the thought of digitizing them all seemed impossible. It was just too big a task for any of us to undertake. The team at Photos2Archive swept in and took everything off our hands. They arranged for pick up and return of our precious memories, scanned all 10k of them in a record time and send them all to us, labelled accordingly via a Dropbox link. The staff were respectful, kind, caring, helpful and prompt with their replies. They treated our precious family memories as if they were their own and we honestly cannot thank you guys enough. - The Smyth Family
Tully Smyth
Tully Smyth


Our box price is all-inclusive, fill your box with ANY of the following items:



What is included in the price for the Family Memory Box - Go Large size box?

Our Family Memory Box – Go Large size includes the following items; Loose Photos, Albums, Framed photos, Kids artwork, Newspaper clippings, Journals, Diaries, Yearbooks, Posters, VHS Tapes, Audio Cassette Tapes, VHS-C Tapes, Hi-8 Tapes, Digital 8 Tapes, CD’s and DVD’S.

Do I need to remove the photos from my photos albums?

Please do not remove any photos from your photo albums, as Photos2Archive have developed advanced scanning technology to digitise your photos whilst they remain intact in their albums. Once digitised you will receive a jpeg file for each individual digitised image of each photo.

How long does the whole process take?

In most cases, the process from order placement to return of photos and other materials with the digital files on USB will take approximately 4 weeks. Once you place an order, we will make contact and organise delivery of the selected box to you. After our courier collects the box from you and returns to our office, we will complete the scanning and conversion to digital files. Our Quality team will then complete final checks of the images and materials before we return your precious memories and digital files to you.

After scanning are all of my original Loose Photos, Albums, VHS Tapes, Framed photos, Audio Cassette Tapes, VHS-C Tapes, Hi-8 Tapes, Digital 8 Tapes, CD’s and DVD’S returned to me?

Yes they are, all of the original items you placed in your box are returned to you with a USB filled with the digitised/scanned copies.

Why trust the team at Photos2Archive with your precious memories?
Our professional team have been digitising photos for over 35 years and our scanning process has been Quality Accredited and audited to AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015 standard.

WHAT CAN I FIT IN THE GO LARGE SIZE BOX? As a guide, our Go Large Box can fit up to 5,000 loose photos OR around 8-9 standard albums with an additional 500 loose photos.

PACKING FRAGILE ITEMS: Please ensure when packing your box ready for collection, any fragile items are bubble wrapped or other protective materials are used so they remain secure during the delivery process.

PHOTO ALBUMS: Please do not remove your photos from their albums or photo frames, at Photos2Archive we have developed advanced scanning technology to digitise your photos whilst they remain intact in their albums and frames. Once digitised you will receive an individual digitised image of every photo contained in the album and photo frame. Just place them in the box and let us take care of the rest.

SLIDES AND NEGATIVES: To ensure the highest quality digitisation we use Epson Professional Scanners for 35mm Negative and Slide digitisation. These scanners provide the following; Dual Lens Optics with anti-reflective lens coatings for higher quality image reproduction, 2,400dpi optical scan resolution, 4.0 Dmax Optical Density for high dynamic range of shadow and highlight details, professional film holders to ensure negatives and slides sit flat and remain in focus when being scanned, digital dust removal applied to all slides and negatives plus all images are rotated and cropped to border.

COPYRIGHT: The DVD and CD services are to copy personal data from DVDs and CDs only, not for copying movies, music or other content that may breach Australian Copyright law.