My Story – The Two of Us



For the couple who has shared a lifetime building memories, fulfilling their dreams and a past that must be shared and preserved. This package offers partners the opportunity to either share their story being filmed side-by-side or individually, then coming together when their journey commenced.

The beauty of ‘The Two of Us’, captures a couples true essence, finishing each other’s sentences and reminiscing about their life experiences together. Family and future generations will treasure this gift and in many cases may purchase on behalf of their parents and or grandparents.

This package includes:

  • Initial phone call consultation – discussion regarding chosen package, date/time confirmation and ideas for pre-filming preparation
  • Preparation Pack – Questions are provided so storytellers are ready with their life story and what they would like to share. We also provide an email questionnaire regarding any topics that are off limits and for the storytellers to provide any specific questions they would like to be asked
  • 4-5 Hour Filming session; includes in home set-up, interview and rest breaks
  • Professionally edited to approximately 1 Hour 30 Minute video package
  • An additional 45 Minute highlights package, professionally edited
  • Up to 110 photos digitised and included within the video package
  • 1 x complimentary Go Large Digitisation Photo Box (Value $545)
  • Includes 8 USB’s for family members
  • Final package delivered to you on USB within 4-6 weeks of filming.

Please note – If the storyteller wishes to add to their story after the filming has taken place but prior to delivery of final video package, additional filming charges will apply. With regards to inclusion of photos within the video package, photos must be supplied labelled and in order otherwise a photo montage will appear at the end of the video package with music.