It has been a trend in recent times to preserve old, tangible memories from photographs and VHS tapes into digitised files. These are modern-tech offers that the old and new generations alike get to have a glimpse of the past and share these wonderful moments with their loved ones.

More and more millennials and Gen Zs are interested in knowing their past and understanding details about their family. In addition to these memorabilia are video tapes from VHS recordings which are reused, revisited, and remastered for family viewing.

Perfect for reunions and social gatherings!

These are made possible by modern-day equipment in converting VHS tapes into digital, computerised files viewable on any platform or device. This latest trend is a wonderful way for loved ones to reminisce as they have the thrill of rewatching their wedding from the 80s, or video from the day they purchased their first home, or the joyful day when their children took their first steps – such moments in time that your family will treasure forever!

If you’re planning to digitise your old VHS tapes to enjoy these special moments, then check out the reasons as to why you should be setting up that home theatre for the family:

1. Viewing Made Easier

Looking back, VHS tapes can be watched by attaching them from the videocassette recorder to a television. It requires many steps to follow (and wires to be connected!) which can take much time and technical expertise to figure out this process before you can finally view that much anticipated video.

Save time and stress by converting these videos into a digitised format!

Rely on our professional team of tech-experts from Photos2Archive in transforming your old VHS tapes into clear digitised copies viewable on any screen. Skip the long and tedious process of manually running your tapes on old equipment, which could potentially erase years of precious memories. Choose our services for state-of-the-art technology in converting your VHS tapes into a more enhanced, viewable quality of your family’s past.

2. Editable and Share-Worthy

Bring memories from the past into life and share them with loved ones!

At Photos2Archive, your old VHS tapes can be easily customised and edited by you once your digitised files are returned. Simply convert your analog memories to digital and use them however you want!

Use your creativity in editing your now-digitised videos by inserting fancy elements, such as texts, emojis, and your favourite pop music to bring in the fun factor.

There are many free online video editing software options that allow you to become your own budding filmmaker! For added exposure, you may also wish to share your video across multiple devices or post them on different social media platforms. Watch those likes, views, and comments go up as your family and friends engage with you online.

3. Immortalise Your Files

Worried that your videos might get lost forever? Fret no more as you can conveniently store them in media libraries or cloud storage services for safekeeping. You can also keep a copy of your precious moments on your mobile or laptop.

That’s the beauty of digitisation — it extends your file life and maximises its use in a number of ways. Minus the risk factor of storing it on old tapes or playing it on dysfunctional equipment.

As long as you have stored your digital files on any device or online storage account, their longevity is assured!

Let us take care of the memories you’ve preciously taken care of.

Trust our team of professional technical experts at Photos2Archive to transform your well-kept VHS tapes into digital files that guarantee seamless conversion and file longevity. We understand how these memories are precious to you, that’s why we use advanced technology that promises efficiency and accuracy like no other.

Contact us at Photos2Archive on or 1300 359 880 for any inquiries. We provide high-quality servicing across all Metro and Regional Areas in Australia.